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  • Double-bass, vocals, dance-calling.


A good solid bass player is the heart of every band, and Rick is our man in this department!

Rick's versatile double-bass playing underpins a Striding Edge number with whatever is required; be that a bowed drone or a wicked roots-rock groove, locking in with Ben's drums to create the band's distinctively modern, energised dance vibe.

Add to that Rick's vibrant harmony vocals and robust dance calling and you have a player very much on Striding Edge's frontline.

Rick is a qualified and seasoned sound engineer, handling all the band's live sound. He has also produced all of Striding Edge's CD albums to date.

Rick joined Striding Edge in 2000. A seasoned all-round musician and educator, Rick also works for community music organisation More Music In Morecambe with Ben.