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Striding Edge studio albums:


Striding Edge: Borrowdale Johnny: 2007

Edge's current album, and the basis of the very popular touring show of the same name. An epic Cumbrian folk song-cycle delivered with the authoritative voice of Cumbria's most popular grass-roots band. Stunning 16-page full colour artwork by Steve Wharton, complete with lyrics, complement Johnny's rollocking journey down through the centurys. If you dig our band, you need this record! More info on Borrowdale Johnny click here!


  1. Borrowdale Johnny 2. King's Polka Set 3. Raffles Merrie Nite 4. Moving Away 5. Wrapped Between Borders 6. Keswick Bonnie Lasses/Green Ship 7. Miss Gilpin's Song 8. Beggar Boy Of The North 9. High Water/We'll All Lye Together 10. Poor Man's Mountains 11. Greensleeves/Moon And The Seven Stars 12. Trumpet Minuet/Get Old With Me/Charming Phyllis 13. Exit Strategy/Yordas/Tizzer  
For more info on Borrowdale Johnny click here>>

Striding Edge: Striding Edge: 2001

Edge's first studio album. A wonderfully varied collection featuring the band at their inventive best. Top dance tunes, haunting ballads, big brass breaks, moments of both granduour and savagery, this album is dark and mesmerising in it's intensity. You like Borrowdale Johnny? Then you're ready for this...!


1. The Carlisle Reel 2. The Flight Of The Lammergeier 3. The Phoenix 4.Ghengiz Khan Crosses The Morecambe Bay 5. Bretherdale 6. The Ballad Of Lawrence Elliot 7. Sally Gray 8. Tommy run Deep 9. Tilt The Tankard 10.Never Love Thee More


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Borrowdale Johnny