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We arrange every booking around the particular needs of our clients, so we look forward to talking the finer details of your event through with you! When you've had a browse, please enquire!

The Show

In our shows, we present a selection of ceilidh dances that are explained from the floor by our callers, and the moves are then 'called' as the music plays. All these dances are accessible to anyone regardless of experience, and we pride ourselves on tempting every crowd up on to the floor and getting them grooving untill the end of the night!

When the dancers need to rest, we play some 'listening numbers'; songs and tunes from our varied repertoire.

Show format is usually:

  • First set; one hour
  • Break for refreshment / buffet
  • Second set; one hour, to an hour and a half

Unplugged Music

In addition to performing onstage for the main ceilidh, Striding edge can go 'unplugged' (i.e. play acoustically!) at functions.

A combination of Striding Edge members singing and playing has proved popular for:

  • Gathering the guests for the ceilidh: this can be useful when the guests are spread out around several lounge rooms / bars / floors in a hotel.
  • Leading the party on a procession to a side event e.g. outdoor firework display, bonfire in the woods!

If you think unplugged music could be incorporated into your event, please discuss this with Mike.

Setting-up time

Striding Edge require time to set up their equipment before the show:

  • If the ceilidh is in the same room as the evening meal:

Tell us what time your evening meal will finish. We will arrive half an hour before this time, and be ready to bring our equipment into the dining room just after the meal has finished.

By the time the tables and chairs have been re-arranged, and guests have slaked their thirst, we aim to be ready to play! (+/_ 50 minutes.)

  • If the ceilidh is in a separate room to the evening meal:

We will arrive at the venue an hour and a half before the show to set up. Please make sure the room is open for us to use.

  • Packing up time is one hour

Guest Musicians

You may have a guest who you would like to sing a special song. They are welcome to use our sound-system, so long as this is agreed in advance.

P.A. / C.D. Player

As standard, we bring our own P.A. (public address system) and a C.D. player and supply background music during our break. Clients have, on occasions, brought their own C.D. as background music, or for a special song. If you would like to supply your own background music, please discuss this with us in advance.

ceilidh info.

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Photos from Grasmere Village Hall ceilidh.


The 'Edge 'fleet' at Kirkbride, September 03