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  • Fiddle, border Bagpipes, Trombone, vocals.

Whether leading the band on a set of frenetic Lakleand reels, or delivering a rich harmonic backbone to a song, Carolyn's outstanding fiddle playing is a defining feature of the Striding Edge sound.

In recent years Carolyn has also added border bagpipes to the lineup, opening up a wealth of Northern English borders pipe music for exploration by the band.

Carolyn plays trombone to accompany some of the songs and tunes in Striding Edge's set, often twinned with Ben's French horn. She sings some fine harmony vocals, too!

Carolyn is probably Cumbria and North Lancashire's most well-known and respected fiddle payer. Founder of the twenty-strong 'Lakeland Fiddlers' community band who were formed in May 2000, Carolyn is a passionate facilliatator who has done much to popularise the long-neglected fiddle music of Cumbria.

Carolyn has played with Striding Edge since 1997, and has continually developed the vision of the band.