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  • Drums, percussion, french horn, vocals.

Ben lays down the beat for Striding Edge, with a fusion of folk, jazz, latin, rock and music-hall beats, all cascading off a stripped-down drum kit.

When it's time for Ben to pick up his French horn to join Carolyn on trombone, they combine to create a quintessentially English brass section within the Striding Edge lineup.

Finally, there's Ben's high harmony vocals that are often heard soaring high over a Striding Edge song arrangement: A joy!

Ben joined Striding Edge in 1997. A gifted arranger, his harmonic and rhythmic ideas have often taken Striding Edge into uncharted waters over the last ten years.

Ben also works with Rick as a community music educator with 'More Music In Morecambe', and conducts Off The Rails, a twenty-piece community world music band in Lancaster.