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L to R: Eliot Dales, Jon Bowie, Paul Ferguson


The first half of 1997 saw more 'fine tuning' to the Edge lineup. It was a  'goodbye' to Shaun, who left to pursue a direction in electronic music, and 'hello' to Ulverston bass player Eliot Dales. Threlkeld fiddler Paul Ferguson briefly joined the band for five months, then left in May to pursue serious Irish session music in Lancaster.

At this point, Edge asked Carolyn Francis to come back on board as a regular player, and happily she accepted! This was the final piece in the jigsaw, Edge had once more gelled into another classic lineup, and were 'on the up'!

Edge were back with a new purpose, and cracking gigs led to other cracking gigs by word of mouth, from Carlisle to Cambridge, Hawkshead to Henley. The band's music meanwhile was evolving in new directions. The new members brought with them experience in world music, jazz, blues and trip-hop, and worked hard on fusing these musics with the traditional ceilidh vibe; sometimes cool, sometimes chaotic, but always exciting!

Lancaster drummer Ben McCabe started 'depping' with the band in early 1998, and took over the drum stool full time from Sam later that year.

It was in this era that Edge took to the studio for the first time, including an invitation from Mike Harding to record in his personal studio in Dent. These sessions were to become the core of the 'Unleash The Dance' mini-album.

In mid-summer 1999, Rick Middleton, a veteran 'indie' bassist from Essex, arrived on the Lancaster scene and played his first of many gigs 'depping' with the band: 'The Pink Gig' (where everyone dressed in pink!) Undeterred by this bizarre Cumbrian behavior, he continued depping for us and later joined full-time. (See 2000)


1997 - 1999: 75 shows


16/2  Borrowdale, Outdoor Centre: wedding ceilidh                       

14/3  Blennehasset, Village Hall: community ceilidh

12/4  Underbarrow, Village Hall: Party ceilidh

10/5  Millom, Palladium: community ceilidh

17/5  Ambleside, Bully Barn: Homeopath's ceilidh Paul Ferguson's last gig

14/6  Derby, private house: Party ceilidh Carolyn joins band full-time

11/7  Barrow, Forum 28: college ceilidh

2/8    Grange, Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

30/8  Ambleside, Cricket Club: Wedding ceilidh

6/9    Cauldbeck, Village Hall: Wedding ceilidh

27/9  Barnard Castle, Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

7/11  Lancaster, Gregson Centre: Community ceilidh

15/11 Patterdale, Hotel: climbing club ceilidh

12/12 Lancaster Gregson Centre: Community ceilidh

31/12 Morecambe, The Platform; New Year's Eve ceilidh


24/1 Ambleside, Charlotte Mason College: Student ceilidh

7/2   Cockermouth, Kirkgate Centre: Community ceilidh

14/2 Hawkshead, Village Hall: Party ceilidh

28/2 Cambridge, Shelford Village Hall: Anniversary ceilidh

7/3   St. Johns In the Vale, Kings Head: Climbing club ceilidh Ben's first gig with Edge!

4/4   Ilkley, Cow And Calf Hotel: Wedding ceilidh                                                           

11/4 Carlisle, Finnegan's Wake: Concert gig

18/4 Bolton, Last Drop Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

24/4 Annan, Pinney's: Corporate ceilidh

25/4 Keswick, Country House Hotel: Corporate ceilidh

3/5   Brampton, Narworth Castle: Wedding ceilidh

23/5 Kendal, Town Hall: Children Of Chernobyl ceilidh

24/5 Windermere. private house: Anniversary ceilidh

6/6   Windermere, The Langdale Chase Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

13/6 Chelford, private house: Wedding ceilidh

20/6 Preston, Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

27/6 Witherslack, Village Hall: Wildlife Trust ceilidh

11/7 Morecambe, The Platform: Grand ceilidh

31/7 Bowness-On-Windermere: National Trust ceilidh

8/8   Broughton, Eccle Riggs Manor: Wedding ceilidh

25/9 Brampton, Lannercost Abbey: Anniversary ceilidh

2/10  Lancaster, St. Martin's College: Student ceilidh

3/10  Keswick, Country House Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

10/10 Henley On Thames, private house: Wedding ceilidh

17/10 Ulverston, The Coot On The Tarn: Wedding ceilidh

24/10 Nottingham: Wedding ceilidh

31/10 Brampton, Narworth Castle: Wedding ceilidh

14/11 Keswick, Ladstock Hotel: Climbing club ceilidh

8/12   Leeds, Hotel: Corporate ceilidh

18/12 Ulverston, Coronation Hall: Concert gig

19/12 Ambleside, Brathay Hall: Staff ceilidh

31/12 Morecambe, The Platform: New Year's Eve ceilidh


29/1 Barrow, Imperial Hotel: Concert gig

16/2 Kendal, Brewery Arts Centre: community ceilidh

13/3 St. John's In The Vale, Kings Head: Concert gig

17/3 Barrow, Imperial Hotel: Concert gig

17/4 Lytham St. Annes, Cifton Arms Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

1/5  Caton, Scarthwaite Hotel: Wedding gig

14/5 Keswick, Country House Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

22/5 Windermere, Lakes School: Community ceilidh

4/6   Holmfirth moor, Cow Barn (!!) : Birthday ceilidh

5/ 6  Milford, Makeney Hall Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

6/6   Leicester, Royal Mail: Concert gig

18/6 Ripponden, Town Hall: Community ceilidh

19/6 Hornby, Village Hall: Wedding ceilidh

26/6 Gilpin Bridge, Mercedes Garage (!): community ceilidh

5/7 Lancaster, St. Martin's College: student ceilidh

10/7 Witherslack, Village Hall: Wedding Ceilidh

30/7 Bowness On Windermere: National Trust Ceilidh                                                 

31/7 Lazonby, private house:'The Pink Gig': Rick's first gig with Edge!

1/8   Morecambe, The Platform: Open air concert

28/8 Bolton, Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

4/9 Ambleside, Bully Barn: National Park ceilidh

11/9 Barrow, Victoria Park Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

18/9 Lancaster: community ceilidh

25/9 Melling, Melling Hall Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

29/9  Ambleside, Charlotte Mason College: Student ceilidh

6/11  Windermere, Langdale Chase Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

13/11 Windermere, Merewood Hotel: Wedding ceilidh

11/12 Patterdale, Hotel: Climbing club ceilidh

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