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Calendar 2014: Schedule of Striding Edge shows

November to December 2014

November and December were busy months for the band, with a total of fourteen gigs played over the two months. As well as a score of excellent wedding bookings in our usual stomping ground of Cumbrian/North Lancashire (in village halls, guest houses and clubs), it was great to play some end-of-year parties for outdoor-orientated centres. For example: On Wednesday 10th December we played half-way up a wet and windy mountainside at the Blencathera Centre in Threlkeld; A marquee was packed with staff members from Field Studies Centres from all over England, dressed in costume as gnomes, dwarves elves and daffodils! This didn't at all detract from their enthusiasm as dancers, as all 100 of them flung themselves around the dance floor fit to bust all night! What a cracking dance crowd! In the interval a strong and fit looking chap offered to pull the band some complimentary pints at the bar. I recognised him as non other that Alan Hinkes OBE, the only British mountaineer who has climbed all fourteen of the world's highest peaks over 8000 metres! I told him that it was a great honour to have him pull some pints for Striding Edge, and we ended up having an interesting discussion about trekking in Nepal. After such an excellent two months of energised gigs, it was fitting to finish the year off with a grand ceilidh at Melmerby Village Hall, playing to about 90 local villagers, a mixed age crowd who love to dance to the band every year. Our favourite dance to play for them was 'The Road To Alston' (the next village, over Fiends Fell on this tortuous Northern road!)....the whole dance starts slow, gets faster, and builds to a peak in which the whole hall full of dancers are gallopping wildly 'as if for their very lives' over Fiend's Fell!...'the road goes on' as the song says....The people loved it! A re-booking has already been made for Melmerby for 2015! Maybe see you there? Details as ever will be posted on our calendar>>

March to October 2014

Spring and summer have been highly enjoyable and active months for the band, with a plethora of bookings around the North West. Notable in June was a wedding ceilidh we played in Carcassonne, Southern France for Bryony and Faraz. It's been quite a few years since we played in France, the last show there being around the year 2000 when we played a very enjoyable gig at the Dunkirk Harbour Festival. The challenge of Carcassonne was to fly out there with all our kit on the plane, which meant some highly creative logistical thinking to carry everything we needed, including most of a drum kit (the rest being kindly supplied by the venue.) The day itself was a delight, we played acoustic background music for the guests out in the sunny grounds of a chateau during the day, and at night played a lively ceilidh for them in the barn attached to the chateau. Broyny said that it was really great to have a bit of her local music and culture, "a little slice of Cumbria" out there for her in France. Great that our traditional dance music has that kind of power for people. The rest of our time in Carcassonne was a sort of mini-holiday exploring the very tranquill local area and eating local food, including my traditional helping of escargot (snails) Yummy! So all you prospective clients out there, although we are rooted in North West England for the bulk of our work, consider that we DO travel to away gigs for clients, all around the country and even abroad, and are pleased to do so should the opportunity arise.

Autumn arrived with a noteable cracking ceilidh for The National Federation of Clog Dancers in Keswick at the Rawnsley Centre in September. This was a great gig to play: All the dancers were seasoned traditional 'cloggers' from all over the country who had spent the day 'dancing out' on the streets of Keswick and were up for letting their hair down on the dance floor in the evening. There must have been at least 60 dancers up for every dance of the night, who all danced with great energy and gusto. What with this ceilidh and the clog dancing in the day, there must have been a few sore calf muscles the following morning!

In our business as a ceilidh band it's a real delight to play round the local village halls in Lancashire and Cumbria, they are often fantastic venues purpose built for holding cracking ceilidh nights. Karmini and Alan's wedding in October was held at a fine example, the Bryce Institute in Burneside, near Kendal, Cumbria. This consists of a fine sprung wooden dance floor, nice roomy stage with great lighting and a bar in the back room run by enthusiastic locals serving some spectacularly good real ale. Striding Edge's 20th birthday party ceilidh is being mooted for 2015 and currently this venue is the top favourite, being an all-round excellent hall! Watch this space for further details!

February and March 2014

Striding Edge continue to happily stride into the spring. With our 800th gig happily completed at Embleton near Cockermouth we continued over the next couple of weeks to play for two Burns Night ceilidhs: These are two bookings that happilly we repeat every year, the first being in Slyne With Hest, the second being at Kirkland In Catterall. At both events Carolyn our piper and fiddler 'pipes in the haggis' and a great display is made of consuming the said Scottish delicacy before much revellry is enjoyed on the dance floor. On such Scottish themed events we are happy to play such classic Scottish dances such as The Gay Gordons and The Dashing White Sargeant, along with some good thumping sets of Scottish pipe tunes. We also enjoy the chance to play some great songs by Robbie Burns including 'A Man's A Man For All That', Robbie Burn's great paen to the common man; surely a contender for the Scottish national anthem! Another notable re-booking in February was playing for the 'Adventure Racers' on the 15th February in Langdale. These are a fine body of very fit people who fling themselves around various challenges over the year and celebrate their achievements with a rocking good ceilidh. It was great to play for this excellently spirited bunch again, this time in a change from their usual home venue to The Stickle Barn, a charachterfull venue with an excellent dance floor.

December 2013 + January 2014

Happy new year! Striding Edge have been busy over the festive season, playing a varied selection of gigs taking us around our ususal stamping ground of North Lancashire and The Lakes. December 28th saw us revisiting Melmerby for what has become an annual seasonal celidh for the local community, attracting an excellent mixed crowd of dancers who all love ceilidh-ing. Gladly, the re-booking for 2014 has already gone in the diary! For new years eve, we played for Jon and Helen's wedding ceilidh at the excellent, intimate setting of Leeming House in Watermillock, Ullswater. The following evening on New Year's Day we played for a ceilidh dance club in Addingham, Yorkshire, comprising of a crowd of about 80 dancers who all come together once a month to enjoy ceilidh dancing, usually with a house band although they get occasional guest bands... We felt quite honoured to be the seasonal guest band for this club, bringing them our Lakeland tunes, dances, songs and clog dance (Lakeland Cottagers, Cumberland Reel, Cumberland Square 8 etc.) We felt, however, that it would be quite rude to play in Yorkshire and not include a Yorkshire dance, so we were pleased to include The Holmfirth Square 8, a Yorkshire classic which we play at most ceilidhs we perform. The club was an absolute pleasure to play for, with the full-capacity crowd happilly jigging, reeling and hornpipe-stepping all night. Saturday 4th January saw us playing at a new venue for us, Braithwaite Village Hall up near Keswick. Once again, a great fun ceilidh night for Mathew and Sarah's joint 40th birthday with some particularly gifted youngsters dancing, the youngest being about 5 years old! It was a mixed age crowd so it was great to be once again reassured that ceilidh dancing works with a big mix of ages and experience. Happy birthday Mathew and Sarah!

Talking of birthdays, it's Happy Birthday to Striding Edge is due in February, when the band will be all of 19 years old. What an inspiring time it's been fronting and playing with this band. Just to prove we've not been resting on our laurels, we will have played our 800th gig on January 18th this year: 800 gigs. Wow. Great memories, and the band still feels as fresh and inventive as it did in the early days. That's a lot of cracking gigs and very satisfied customers, for example Sarah and Mathew who we played for at Rydal Hall, Ambleside: 16th March 2013. They wrote a very nice card to us saying:

"Dear Mike,

We would like to send a much belated but very big THANK YOU for putting on such a great show for our wedding at Rydal Hall in March. We had the most amazing, magical and happy of days which was topped off perfectly by the music and dancing provided by your fine selves! I could not imagine a more perfect band, more fitting to the venue and day and you were great, so patient with such novices and everyone had such a good time! We've had loads of comments from our guests about how great you were and how much they enjoyed the dancing-it was wondefull how everyone joined in from young to old and the smiles and laughs it caused! We have a small video of the last dance and everyone just looks so happy and is having such a great time, the only shame is that it had to end! Thank you so much, we'll highly recommend you to everyone and hope we can come and be part of a ceilidh with you another time!

Our very best wishes,Sarah and Mathew (Mr and Mrs Binns!)"

For more comments on what other clients have said about us, go to client quotes>>.

BOOKING NOW ! Mike is manning the phone and the e-mails and is busy scheduling the year's shows so do get in touch with him if you wish to discuss your own special ceilidh night! To speak to mike go to contact>>

Striding Edge: Confirmed number of gigs: 56
Private functions are in blue
PUBLIC SHOWS are in orange
January 2014 Venue  Details
Wednesday 1st Addingham Ceilidh dance club Ceilidh
Saturday 4th Braithwaite Mathew and Sarah's joint 40th birthday ceilidh
Saturday 11th Staveley Kendal Mountaineering Club Ceilidh
Saturday 18th Cockermouth 50th birthday ceilidh
Saturday 25th Slyne with Hest Burns night ceilidh
February 2014 Venue  Details
Saturday 1st Kirkland Burns night ceilidh
Saturday 8th Haverigg Kevin's 60th birthday ceilidh
Saturday 15th Great Langdale Adventure Racer's ceilidh
Friday 21st Lancaster Mike and Emma's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 22nd Burton In Lonsdale Helen's 50th birthday ceilidh
March 2014 Venue  Details
Friday 7th Old Hutton Sheona's 50th birthday ceilidh
Saturday 8th Cockermouth George and Hillary's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 15th Bowness D&D S&S Social Club, Memorial Buildings, North Terrace, Bowness, LA23 3AU A cracking community ceilidh and disco tickets/info> Russell Colman 015394 48777
April 2014 Venue  Details
Sunday 6th Windermere Richard and Katie's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 12th Grange Ian and Lizzie's wedding ceilidh
Thursday 17th Grange Alex's 60th birthday concert
Saturday 26th Ambleside Carol's celebration ceilidh
May 2014 Venue  Details
Saturday 10th Liverpool Student's ceilidh
Saturday 17th Askham Debbie's wedding ceilidh
June 2014 Venue  Details
Saturday 14th Carcassonne, France Byony and Faraz's wedding ceilidh
Friday 20th Walney Jenny's 60 birthday ceilidh
Saturday 21st Coniston Heather's wedding ceilidh
Monday 23rd Millom Clive's 60th birthday ceilidh
Saturday 28th Windermere Katie and Sandy's wedding ceilidh
July 2014 Venue  Details
Saturday 12th Askham Aidan and Emily's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 19th Greystoke Familly celebration ceilidh
Saturday 26th Crook Katie and Sandy's wedding ceilidh
August 2014 Venue  Details
Saturday 2nd Lancaster Wedding ceilidh
Saturday 9th Watermillock Dave and Ruth's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 16th Ulverston Helen and Sean's wedding ceilidh
Sunday 24th Windermere Ben, Richard and Rory's birthday ceilidh
Saturday 30th Newlands Jen and Tom's wedding ceilidh
September 2014 Venue  Details
Friday 5th Ambleside 'Reflections' cultural group concert / ceilidh
Saturday 6th Lancaster Emry's 40th birthday ceilidh
Sunday 7th Barrow Phoebe's 4th birthday ceilidh
Saturday 13th Carnforth Douglas and Rebecca's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 20th Kendal Clym and Ellie's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 27th Keswick Clog dancing national club ceilidh
October 2014 Venue  Details
Saturday 4th Burneside Alan and Karmini's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 11th Troutbeck Bridge Iain and Liz's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 18th Hope, Derbyshire Robert and Maura's wedding ceilidh
Saturday 25th Hawkshead Rob and Sylvie's wedding ceilidh
November 2014 Venue  Details
Saturday 1st Hawkshead Mark and Emma's wedding ceilidh
Thursday 6th Low Wray Works party ceilidh
Saturday 8th Melmerby Nicola and friends 60th birthday ceilidh
Friday 21st Broughton Beck Jeannie's 50th birthday ceilidh
Saturday 22nd Barbon Nadim and Katie's wedding ceilidh
Wednesday 26th Ambleside Student graduation celebration ceilidh
Saturday 29th Thwaites Village Hall, Thwaites, Millom, Cumbria. Community ceilidh. Info/tickets: Hazel Eady:
December 2014 Venue  Details
Friday 5th Lancaster Lancaster University Christmas ceilidh
Wednesday 10th Threlkeld Work's party ceilidh
Friday 12th Wrea Green Mike's 60th birthday ceilidh
Saturday 13th Lorton Matt and Sam's wedding ceilidh
Sunday 21st Glenridding Matt and Rhian's wedding ceilidh
Monday 22nd Borrowdale Kurt and Alexandra's wedding ceilidh
Sunday 28th Melmerby Village Hall, Melmerby, Cumbria. Community ceilidh. A cracking high-energy ceilidh night. Tickets/info:Elizabeth Allinson: (01768) 881728


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